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Snow Rodel Blue Sledge Toboggan

Snow Rodel Blue Sledge Toboggan

Ref: 996001

Cheap sledges can bring you a traditional design with a modern blow-moulded high quality HDPE which will remain flexible in the low temperatures on the slopes this winter. Perfect for kids, it comes with a seating surface which has an anti-slip surface, making it a safe sledge. As well, it is extremely lightweight, weighing just 2.5kg with the steel skids on this traditional design offering smooth gliding and important tracking.

Price: £39.16
Snow Rodel Blue Sledge Toboggan

This traditional sledge design is a modern build made from excellent quality HDPE which is flexible and sturdy at low temperatures.

It comes as one of the lightest sledges at Cheap Sledges weighing just 2.5kg, making it easy for the kids to take up the hill.

The kids will also be thrilled with the easy steering, all enabled by them shifting their weight - pretty straightforward stuff.

The steel skids on this sledge will enable smooth gliding and provide awesome tracking stability, key for safety.

As well, there is excellent storage space for the handle, which can be safely fixed in the indentation at the back of this cheap sledge.

Length: 77cm, Width: 40cm, Height: 24cm, Weight: 2.5kg.