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Snow Red Sledge TobogganSnow Red Sledge TobogganSnow Red Sledge TobogganSnow Red Sledge Toboggan

Snow Red Sledge Toboggan

Ref: Snow-Red

This is an all-round sledge to suit both children and adults. Coming in a smart red finish, this sledge is both light and sturdy, offering a comfortable ride up to cool speeds.

Price: £13.66
Snow Red Sledge Toboggan

One of our more traditionally designed plastic sledges, the Snow Red Sledge Toboggan is a great sledge with a slightly raised seat.

Children of 3 years and above can use this sledge, being safely and adequately equipped and being CE certificated.

The sledge is made out of high-quality HDPE and will remain flexible during the low temperatures which we always face in the UK.

The sledge weighs 1.5kg and is 88cm in length and 29cm in width - including a rope with plastic handle.