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Snow Racer Blue Sledge Toboggan

Snow Racer Blue Sledge Toboggan

Ref: 992100

A popular sledge from Cheap Sledges, the Snow Racer sledge is built for those all important drag races on the hill. With a three-arm sport steering wheel and robust steering bars, it's the perfect racer sledge.

Price: £68.53
Snow Racer Blue Sledge Toboggan

Coming in Blue, the Snow Racer Sledge offers a quick ride with its steering wheel and bars which are made from strong steel.

Offering responsive direction control, the tracking offers a safe mobile sledge with impressive brakes (metal claws).

This sledge includes a tow rope with handle, decorative decals for personal design and is made from top-quality HDPE for flexibility in winter conditions.

The length is 100cm, width 54m, height 29cm and weight 3.45kg.