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Snow Blue Sledge TobogganSnow Blue Sledge TobogganSnow Blue Sledge TobogganSnow Blue Sledge Toboggan

Snow Blue Sledge Toboggan

Ref: Snow-Blue

Cheap Sledges can offer you a classic plastic sledge for use with both adults and children. With a great front end, you'll be able to fly over uneven snow in all cases.

Price: £13.66
Snow Blue Sledge Toboggan

The Snow Blue Sledge Toboggan comes with a high front end to help you blitz over snow with no problem.

A pull cord is include on the sledge for easy use up the hills, as well as it being light at 1.5kg.

It has a size of 88cm by 39cm and has a smart design which can appeal to all.

This sledge is child friendly with a built in backrest which can allow 3 years olds to ride this sledge.