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Plastic Sledges  >   Snow Baby Red Sledge Toboggan
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Snow Baby Red Sledge TobogganSnow Baby Red Sledge Toboggan

Snow Baby Red Sledge Toboggan

Ref: 996802

It's just the perfect sledge for your small child, made with eye catching stickers and great safety features. You and your child will love this toboggan on the slopes this winter.

Price: £24.43
Snow Baby Red Sledge Toboggan

Made in Red with cool decal, your baby will feel comfortable and safe in this sledge, built with high sides to prevent the baby from falling out.

The Sledge has a strong seatbelt which is essential for your baby's safety and stops any danger of them slipping out.

Also, the seat is anti-slip to make sure all movement within the sledge is very minimal.