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Plastic Sledges  >   BobKat Red Sledge Toboggan
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BobKat Red Sledge TobogganBobKat Red Sledge TobogganBobKat Red Sledge Toboggan

BobKat Red Sledge Toboggan

Ref: Kat Red

Suitable for both adults and teenagers, the Bobkat sledge is a big sledge for intense racing on the hills this winter.

Price: £11.74
BobKat Red Sledge Toboggan

Built and designed in the UK, Cheap Sledges loves the BobKat Red Sledge, made with some fantastic qualities.

This sledge comes built in a bigger size than most and is very sturdy, being able to cope with most snow conditions.

Sledders will be gifted with excellent control through the two strong grab handles built-in, as well as a pull cord.

The sledge is 92cm in length by 39cm in width - weighing just 1.3kg.