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Fun Tips for Sledges

Even though sledges are so much fun, we have made this little list to try and help you have as much safe enjoyment out of your sledges as you possibly can. This list should not only help to show you how to have as much fun out of your sledge as you can but also how to keep your safety at the top of the list.


  1. Dress Properly - No matter what your age it is important to make sure you are dressed nice and warm in your snow gear which is made specifically for winter weather. It is essential that all young children are dressed in this kind of warm winter clothing, so dress your child up in some nice thick gloves/mittens, a good size coat, a good warm hat and not to forget thick socks and snow boots. For a little extra warmth and comfort its a good idea to wear a layer of thin pants under the snow pants.
  2. A form of ID - That's right we (and most others) recommend any sledger takes a form of ID (identification). Although this is not an sort of necessity even of the most paranoid parent's, its still a (just in case, to be safe) wise item that you will not think of until it's too late!
  3. Cracking Lips? Most children and even adults will not notice their lips are starting to crack, but you will notice later if your one of the unlucky ones that gets irritating lips due to the stinging feeling. Its recommended to take some chap stick as its easy to store in a coat pocket and most children will remember they have it.
  4. Old cracked or damaged sledges - If you are using an old sledge we highly recommend you check for loose screws and cracks in plastic, and fix them up before going out on the sledge. Your sledges should be ship shape and safe before the sledging begins!
  5. Buddy system - Make sure that all young children do not go out on sledges on their own! If you can remember back to the news some months ago some children have already come to harm on sledges due to not taking notice of warnings on safety. We ask that parent's don't let children out on sledges without their friends.
    If your child can't wait for friend to come out with them please make sure you can see them from the window or garden, or simply go with them yourself!


Sledges can be a really enjoyable activity for anyone and even when your alone, however we really do think the "Buddy system" is a much better and safer idea. Someone watching for any sort of danger or problem is always a cool safety extra even if its just taking it in turns to watch for cars if near a road, or so you are sure to have someone that can go and get help if something does happen to go wrong.



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