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Welcome to the UK’s home of cheap sledges & toboggans online.
This winter, we aim to bring you a site dedicated to everything sledges, snowboards and snow toys, sourcing the cheap sledges from the finest brands for kids and adults to beginners and experts.
Buying a sledge might not be a simple task, with lots of things to think about. Before choosing your sledge from Cheap Sledges, you’ll need to weigh up what suits the rider. These can be a number of components like budget, size, breaking characteristics and materials. With this in mind, we have a wide variety of buying guides available for customers. Check them out today before buying your cheap sledge!
Cheap Sledges


With Winter coming up fast now and the cold weather moving in to give us a chill you will be thinking about Christmas soon and what you can give the kids to do when their out of school... They are bound to want a sledge for the snow that we are most likely to have this year, so don't be caught out without your sledge!

If your stuck of what to by someone as a Christmas Present this year around why not buy them a sledge? Its a good, fun and practical present for the time of year that will bring a load of fun into anyone Christmas!


Traditional Sledge Shape

To make the 'J' shape on the front of a traditional sledge / toboggan the bound, parallel wooden slats would be bent forward at the front end of the toboggan. To provide the drive of the toboggan with some sort of steering a thin rope would be run through the top of the 'J' shape loop. The drive would sit in the toboggan and places his/her feet under the 'J' shape loop, if others wanted to join the toboggan they would sit behind him and hold on for dear life to the persons waist.


The more modern type toboggan is generally made from plastic, aluminium or wood, and more rugged, larger models are also made these days for commercial and rescue use.


Types of snow sledges

Snow Sledges
Often in the Winter time people will become bored and sad due to the cold and dreary weather keeping them stuck in the house, so why not fight the boredom and get a cheap snow sledge? Our range of sledges are an ideal fix to the winter blues!


Cheap Snow Sledges
Need to keep to your Christmas budget but really want a cheap sledge for the kids? Well you can still get one or even a couple of cheap sledges due to our low prices on all products this year you are sure to find a cheap sledge you like that's within your budget.


Types of Sledges
There are many different types of sledges that can be used both in the snow and without snow. All the cheap sledges we supply and will be talking about are for use in the snow, making them ideal for winter fun this Christmas.


Sledges for Teenagers
If your teenager is like most of the teens where we live, I can tell you for sure they are just waiting for the first sign of snowfall to get outdoors and play in the snow like little children again. Which is great as there is so much fun to be had in the snow for everyone no matter your age!


Sledges for Adults
It doesn't matter what you've been told! Sledges are NOT just for kids! You may be a grown-up but that doesn't mean you always have to act like an adult. That's why we have cheap sledges which are perfect for all ages including our adult audience.


Wooden Sledges
Wooden sledges are also know as toboggans which you will see on our site and in most other European shops / site / stores, also in some regions of the world you may hear sledges related to as 'coasting'.


Cheap Sledges for Toddlers
You may thing that toddlers are still to young to enjoy sledging, but most toddlers are plenty strong enough and big enough to have just as much fun with outdoor sledging activities.


Sledges for Kids
If you are after something to keep your children amused and get them out the house this Christmas, you may want to consider some sledges for them. Sledges for children can be great fun and they will want to stay out your way for hours playing in the snow.


The Most Popular Sledges This Season
If you are looking for the hottest sledges this season you have come to the right place. We have a huge list of popular sledges in stock, which are perfect for any ages and make a great seasonal gift.


Sledges for Babies
Even if you youngsters are to young to walk it doesn't mean they can't enjoy the winter fun just like the rest of us. You may be thing, no my baby is far too young to play on sledges, well your wrong there are ways for even babies to go on sledges.


Sledging saucers? Yes that's right we have sledging saucers! They are probably the most handy sledges out of the lot. Being so easy to carry around, both adults and children can enjoy what is now a household style for plastic sledges at Cheap Sledges.

Traditional Sledges
Cheap Sledges
Teen Sledges
Wooden Sledges
Kids Sledges
Baby Sledges
Saucer Sledges


Seen a product you like but found it cheaper somewhere else? No problem, please don't hesitate to contact us online or call us now on 0845 459 9955 so we can match or even better it!

Most of our Sledges come in a wide variety of colours so please be sure to check the options for each sledge before you order as you may want the sledge in a different colour that we offer!